Sunday, March 13, 2011

First group exhibition

Guess what?? My year at university had an exhibition last night. We were given just under three weeks to create work for it (when you usually plan for months) and we got into groups to produce a piece of performance art per group. The day before our exhibition, one of the head lecturers came to my group and said we couldn't use the gallery for what we were doing... and we couldn't do it in the foyer because that was taken up by the other group's works and so we had to move up onto Parnell Rise (an upper class road in Auckland known for cafes and antique shops... quite beautiful). Well, this proved to be the best thing for our group because I was going between the gallery and Parnell Rise and from 6:00p.m. - 9:30p.m. we had a constant flow of at least 50 people taking part in our piece. After 9:30p.m. that went down to roughly 25 people, then at 10:30p.m. we still had like 10... and I went down to the gallery and each time there were a maximum of 3 people viewing the work there, INCLUDING the lecturer's work, and one was the dean of our university (who doesn't count because she's obliged to go and see it haha. She didn't see ours... Bitch). We ended up getting over 200 people seeing our work, and they got 20 if that. SHAME ON YOUR FACE LECTURERS!

We set up in a park on Parnell Rise, and a couple of us baked like 200 muffins and 300 cookies and 4 big pizzas cut into like 100 pieces and offered people one piece of food if they'd draw us something. We ferried the drawings we had down to the gallery and put them up outside every hour, and we ended up with 50-100 drawings left over to put up because we ran out of room on both sides of the outside window and doors. They put up roughly 300 and we used over a ream of paper, so that's an indication of how many people took part. It was great - we got so many different kinds of people doing it... all the kids loved it and their parents got into it. It was interesting to see how people reacted to being confronted with it, and everyone was very honest... I mean, why steal when they're free anyway and all you have to do to get one is have fun drawing? This one kid... she was like 6 or 7... she drew this picture that said 'Help save Christchurch' on it in red and black (Christchurch/Canterbury colours). It was so cute! I was like how did you even KNOW to do that???

Anyway, not good photos but here are some photos of my first group exhibition:

Our poster for the exhibition. My photo is the top middle one.
Instructions of what to do and some of the muffins that Suhee and her friends made.
Linda laying out the drawings we had between trips to the gallery.
Taken at 8:30p.m. of some of our participants.
At the gallery with all of the pictures (minus 50-100 for lack of space) displayed on the windows.

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