Monday, November 29, 2010

Back from aftershock central - and no aftershocks.

It seemed like I was there forever but now I'm a little pissed I'm back. It was FULL ON AS. Some might consider this a bad thing, but I'm the sort who needs to be constantly occupied as I am chronically bored.

So... best photo is:

Some guy on the beach at South New Brighton

I also just took some random boredom photos of my cat d'Arcy, who has been a pansy and following me around all day like a little shadow. He gets weird at this time of year and wants me ALL THE DAMN TIME. He usually couldn't give less of a crap.

d'Arcy being cool

On a different note, I just found out that I passed the year this year. Finally. Now I don't have to go through those bitches telling lies about me and then trying to bribe me off again.

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