Tuesday, November 2, 2010

If you're allergic to rants or latex, you should probably steer clear of this post

I cannot begin to list all the bugs and issues both in set-up and design that are wrong with the new Myspace... but I'll try.

The Design Faults
You cannot has transparency!

Why is that THERE and not under 'My Profile'?
Took me forever to find the damn thing.

My friends are nowhere to be found on this page.
Well, that's inconvenient.
Now I have to click another link.

Why the hell is the comments module LIGHT GREY??
It TOTALLY throws out my colour scheme I worked so
hard on!

The Photo Uploading Process
Upon trying to upload a new image, once it's finished uploading it,
it sits there like that for about 5 minutes doing God only knows what.
Once 'Next' IS clickable, there is no linked thumbnail (circled).
On the way up the page to click refresh, you're raped by this
Myspace ad.
After refreshing the previous page, the thumbnail appears.
Click it and it goes through to this page where the image is
meant to be displayed fully, but isn't.
After refreshing the page yet again, and clicking 'Update Profile Picture'
and whoops!
SQUARES ONLY, not forgetting the WTF moment up in the corner (circled).

Other Faults
No CSS? Umm... piss off.
a) There is now no option to add CSS like there was previously,
b) It works fine when I click 'Save Changes' and view my profile, &

Initially we were given a choice to use the new Myspace profile, but now my friends, we are not. A massive suggestion to Myspace: please, please, PLEASE, before updating something, fix bugs and make sure it works completely (or at least 90% completely) first.

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